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I'll Notice Them All

Outstanding Interpretation

I’ve been watching.
Oh have l been Watching and I Will Watch.
I‘ll notice the bandits who steal,
The pony eyed giris who bark and
Banter, the war men too old to stand alone, and
All colored men and women screaming with hands in surrender.
I’ll watch. I'll watch all of you, not you pointless pigs eating out during dusk when the sun shines passionately,
No, thats not who i’m watching tonight.
The ones speaking strongly against injustice is what
l’ll see as I walk down the neglected streets. I’ll see the ones having to fix those streets and
The women whose babies will grow up without medical treatment.
Or, i’ll see the man who is fighting just so he can pay for the struggling mother and her forsaken child.
I’ll notice them ail, i’ll notice them all.

Even the ones on top, the ones with power like God,
The ones with long noses and green green eyes, i’ll see.
They love green, they swim in it, they eat it, and they burn it because they can.
I'll notice how they hide above and look down upon the peaceful speakers.
First they will laugh, then they’ll use their puissant power.
I’ll notice them all.

And at the very bottom of the iron tusks of the sky,
Are the paint stained, angered individuals.
They’re out there day and night with their signs to see and words to say.
Their signs are their pitchforks and torches.
Their Words are more poweiful than
Bullets traveling at deadly velocities.
They dream, they dream.
They are the ones with tears hidden back but never released.
Their tears are swallowed with their pride.
They are modest and hopeful, and
l’ll notice them all.

The old, the young, the haves, the have nots,
they differ in wants, they differ in wisdom and in strength,
But they all desire to be loved and to love.
The brothers and sisters each deserve life and will get it.
The gimpy, stout, wheel chair man and the ocean blue eyed wonder
Both deserve love and life and will get it.
I’ll notice them all as they march hand in hand in the name of righteousness.
l’ll notice them all, i'll notice them all.